Tracey Garvis Graves
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Nov 6, 2013

Claire and Chris Canton are living the quintessential suburban life in Johnson County Kansas when the recession hits and Chris gets laid off from his job.  With a generous severance package Chris is sure that he will be able to find a job with no problem.  However, as the months go on with no job prospects in sight Chris retreats both physically and emotionally from Claire, their two kids and life in general.  Meanwhile, Claire is left to keep things going the way they always have to minimize the impact on their children, Josh and Jordan, while working part time from home.  As Chris continues to withdraw, Claire feels more and more alone and lonely as she puts on a brave face for the kids and her friends and neighbors. 

Then Daniel enters her life.  Daniel, a police officer, stops Claire for a broken tail light.  A small spark of interest on both sides is dismissed as the likelihood of seeing each other again is slim.  However, over the following months their paths keep intersecting.  Meanwhile, Chris finds a job which requires him to travel Sunday through Thursday each week.  While the problem of dwindling finances solved, Claire feels just as alone and lonely and Chris is just as withdrawn as he deals with being away from his family and a stressful new job.

While Claire is dealing with her own struggles, neighbors also experience various hardships and challenges.  Infertility, gambling, and alcoholism all require Claire to be supportive of her friends and neighbors.  Daniel keeps popping back up and he and Claire develop a friendship that fills the void that Claire is feeling with Chris’ absence both physical and emotional and provides her a haven to escape all the stress in her own life. 

Will Claire succumb to her attraction to Daniel or will she stay true to Chris?  To find out don’t miss Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves.  Also be sure to check out her other book On the Island!


Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.