Zeitoun By Dave Eggers

Apr 8, 2011

Zeitoun is a nonfiction book taking us to the action and tragedy packed drama following the days and weeks after the New Orleans flood of 2004. It is the story of Mr. Zeitoun, a man of middle eastern decent who decided not to evacuate with Hurricane Katrina approaching the city and stayed behind to protect his property and in a gentlemanly way to help his neighbors and fellow New Orleanians.  He feeds hungry animals he finds in abandon houses and watches his and his neighbors property. When the looting starts, he is picked as an early target because of his middle eastern origin.  However, he is backed up by his friends and the community he has been helping out for years. A well written book that draws the reader in and makes us feel that we are right there, canoeing around New Orleans. A great story of human struggle.

Reviewed by Library Staff