Women's Voices Writing Contest Winner

Mary Silwance
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Nov 29, 2018

Johnson County Library and The Writers Place are pleased to announce that Mary Silwance has won the poetry category of our writing contest on the theme of WOMEN'S VOICES with "The Mystery".

Mary Silwance lives in Kansas City. A mother, environmental activist, educator, farmhand and poet, she has served as poetry co-editor for Kansas City Voices and is a member of the Kansas City Writers Group. Her work has appeared in Konza Journal, Descansos, Heartland: Poems of Love, Resistance, and Solidarity, Sequestrum, Well Versed, Rock Springs Review, and on her blog, http://tonicwild.blogspot.com/. Her poems have won first place in Well Versed and Rock Springs Review.

The Mystery

It is not the baby
three wise men
fulfillment of prophecy
or even the lauded status of the girl.

What interests me
is the


the details of which are always discarded.

Seems to me
when only men give voice
the story is incomplete.

Besides, what male
bent on
saving a careless world

would choose the birth canal for an entrance
and arrive
in the most vulnerable condition possible?

I wonder what She was thinking.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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