A Woman of the World by Genie Chipps

Feb 22, 2010

A Woman of the World by Genie Chipps1942 couldn’t have been better and couldn’t have been worse for Kate Goodfellow. As a war correspondent for World magazine, Kate takes on the world both personally and professionally, capturing once in a lifetime moments in pictures. Never mind that it’s a world ruled by the likes of Otis Bennett, owner of World magazine, who would have her sidelined where it’s “safer for women”. Kate’s got an exclusive and she’s on her way to North Africa, following the story, following the troops, whether she has Bennett’s approval or not. Territorial rights of correspondents could be sorted out later once the bullets stop flying, and once the darkroom produced her gems. But the ship she’s on is sunk and there is much time for reflection while sharing the fear and uncertainty of those who share her lifeboat. Her husband’s pleas that she stay and memories of her life thus spent echo amid a multitude of questions and thoughts about what might have been if only…

Take a delightful step back in time to the 30’s and 40’s with this part travelogue part memoir of the fictional life of Kate Goodfellow. Inspired by a biography of Margaret Bourke-White, this is an incredible story of life and love and the passion it takes to follow your dreams. An excellent selection for book discussion groups since it yields an abundance of thought provoking topics to hold the interest of even the most discriminating reader.

Reviewed by Library Staff