Wings of Fire by Charles Todd

Jun 1, 2011

This second in Todd’s Ian Rutledge mystery series, finds the Scotland Yard inspector investigating two apparent suicides and one accidental death of three siblings. The family and people of the Cornish village are satisfied with the coroner’s verdicts regarding the deaths and do not welcome Rutledge in their midst. However, a cousin of those who died wants to know more about what happened and why. Rutledge, a still recovering World War I veteran, has the continuous guidance of Hamish, the Scot he unwillingly executed on the battlefield. Rutledge soon becomes suspicious of three previous deaths in the family and sets out to solve them all. He receives little or no help from the family, neighbors, or his superiors at the Yard, but his methodical method and dedication to find the culprit keeps him on track. This cozy mystery series has well-developed characters and provides an almost tangible atmosphere of English intrigue.

Reviewed by Library Staff