Windows 7 Secrets by Paul Thurott and Rafael Rivera

Oct 12, 2010

Windows 7 Secrets by Paul Thurott and Rafael RiveraI read computer technology books and will on occasion review books from this category.

If you have used Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista and have now migrated to the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, Windows 7 Secrets by Paul Thurott and Rafael Rivera is well worth reading. It includes many of this operating system's powerful new capabilities that you may not even know exist. The book is over 1000 pages in length. I read this book from cover to cover and comprehended the topics much better by working through this book's examples. I used a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium version installed. It's a time consuming process but worth it. I now have a solid understanding of this operating system and its many new features. Quite a bit of technology changed since Windows XP. I was impressed with this book's explanations of examples and hidden secrets.

This book covers many topics. Included are many of the new keyboard shortcuts for quickly accomplishing common tasks. When you enable Windows Aero, open windows take on a glass like appearance. With Flip 3D, you can flip through all of your open windows similar to how you might flip through a Rolodex rotary file. The concept of virtual folders and Libraries is covered. Since I enjoy photography and home video creation, I learned how to use the new programs that assist with digital photograph organization and movie development. From what I can tell, just about everything needed to create and edit your home movies is now included with Windows 7. How to use the new and updated programs for watching DVD's, listening to digital music, and sharing your photos is included. Coverage also includes computer games, TV and movie entertainment using Windows Media Center, Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7 backup and restore, and Windows Live Essentials. Cloud storage using Windows Live SkyDrive is included within the Windows Live Essentials discussion.

Power users can benefit as well by reading this book. Information about Windows PowerShell 2.0 included with Windows 7 is made available. Even though the old Command Prompt program is still included with Windows 7, I can see myself navigating to this new technology.

Written by Dan B.