The Whitney Chronicles by Judy Baer

Feb 22, 2010

The Whitney Chronicles by Judy BaerI went through a phase where I read nothing but Christian Chick Lit. I couldn't get enough of the pink covers with high heels and little dogs. My favorite has to be The Whitney Chronicles by Judy Baer. Whitney is the traditional 30-something protagonist looking for "Mr. Right" while trying to lose weight and gain a stronger prayer life.

Part of the book is written in journal form, much like Bridget Jones's Diary. Between the pages, we find Whitney meeting a man or two, helping her best friend walk through a few difficult situations and learning to love her quirky (and sometime nosey) co-workers.

Originally, this book was written as a single story in 2006, but then later developed into a series with the second book, The Baby Chronicles (2007) and followed by Oh Baby! (2008).

Other books that I've read by Baer include are Norah's Ark and Million Dollar Dilema. I wasn't a huge fan of Million Dollar Dilema even though Whitney made a brief cameo in the book.

Written by Sarah W.


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