Into the White (DVD)

Peter Naess
Jun 14, 2015

Into the White portrays the true story of soldiers aboard German and British fighter planes after they are shot down over the wilderness of Norway on April 27, 1940. The three German soldiers stumble upon an abandoned cabin after trekking through the snowy landscape for days only to find two British soldiers wanting to use the shelter as well. Out of pity, the Germans take the British soldiers in as their prisoners and they begin a push-and-pull for power as the days drag on. Cold, hungry and with one wounded soldier, all five men learn that in order to survive, they have to work together. In the middle of war, friendships take hold and the men realize their enemies are just as much men as they are. It doesn't matter which side they were fighting on when they were shot down, they now have to find a way to make it back to safety together.

The acting is good but I found the story line slow at times. There is relatively little action as the film begins when the men are shot down. Once stuck in the cabin together they can only sit around and wait for the weather to change. It's interesting to see another side of the war, however, and learn about the action taking place in areas outside of Germany, England and France during World War II. This film will appeal to both teens and adults interested in WWII. 

Reviewed by Library Staff