What We're Reading in September

Oct 2, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what our staff have been reading, watching, or listening to, our Staff Picks Blog is a great place to catch up. Also, if you're browsing for books in our Bibliocommons catalog, be sure to check out the lists our staff have made – these lists consist of topics and genres linked together by a specific theme, so when you’re done with one book and you want to jump into something similar, we’ve got you covered.

Christin created a list of books inspired by Johnson County’s new 80-acre Meadowbrook Park, located next to 91st and Nall. This list, entitled A Walk in the Park, contains books from a wide range of perspectives, from fiction inspired by leisurely strolls in the countryside to the science of nature in urban and suburban areas. No matter which one tickles your fancy, the next time you visit one of our local parks, make sure to bring along a library book with you!

September 23rd marks the official start of autumn. As the leaves change and the temperature starts to drop, readers look for books to read with a mug of hot tea or from beneath the covers. There’s nothing quite like a good horror novel to keep readers up late, and we have a few lists of great horror novels to pick from. Kari checked out a list put out by Barnes & Noble of the scariest books they could find. She also created a booklist of some of her favorite witches - both good and bad - in literature, TV, and film. Gregg assembled a Horror Starter Pack, full of great fiction titles that span from the atmospheric to the downright terrifying to get you started. 

Hebah also made a Bibliocommons list out of a NPR poll about 100 funniest books in several different categories, perfect for those who are more ready for a laugh or a chuckle rather than a scare. Stefanie made a great list of recent Mysteries and Thrillers that caught her eye, too. 

Jed was recently asked by other staff which book that inspired the most interesting discussion for his book group. He wrote a Staff Picks post about Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams, a novel about a machine that can tell people what they need to be happy. And it’s almost always right. Almost! Read what Jed had to say about it. 

Emma created a list of fall releases that spotlight LGBTQ+ issues - we’re keeping an eye on some of the graphic novels on this list, including memoirs from Adam Rippon and Saeed Jones, as well as the novel Find Me, a sequel to the novel (and movie!) Call Me By Your Name from André Aciman. 

Of course, librarians aren’t always reading books. We’re watching movies, too. Bet was scanning a list of new titles the library had acquired and came across some Swedish movies, reminding her of a vacation she took years ago. She wrote about her binge here and is worth a read, especially if you don’t think of the library as a place that has foreign movies that you can check out. As always, what the library carries in our collection can surprise even our own staff!

Speaking of movie binges, Ian created a list of addictive TV shows on DVD that might fill that Westeros-sized hole in your TV-watching schedule. Also, Michael recently took a look back at an important year in movie history because of a new release: Best. Movie. Year. Ever: How 1999 Blew Up the Big Screen. He takes us on a tour of some of the movies released that year that made such an impact on him as a young moviegoer. 

Thanks for reading and we hope our staff helps you find something great to read. Or watch. Or listen to!

Written by Gregg W.

I have surprisingly strong opinions about comic book characters.


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