What Remains Unspoken Writing Contest

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Jamie Heller

Jamie Lynn Heller
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Feb 15, 2024

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Jamie Lynn Heller has won our writing contest on the theme What Remains Unspoken with her piece "What I meant when I said, 'I'll remember you'."

Jamie Lynn Heller’s book Buried in the Suburbs was published in 2018 (Woodley Press) and received the 2019 Kansas Notable Book Award. Her chapbook Domesticated : Poetry From Around the House was published in 2015 (Finishing Line Press). She has 90+ poems published in literary journals and magazines (for a complete list of publications see jamielynnheller.blogspot.com).

What I meant when I said, ‘I’ll remember you’ 


Unscrew me 

like a door without hinges 

I become a vulnerable wall 


Slip me from your pocket 

like a dropped pill 

I will never know your body 


Ignore me 

like corners in the bathroom 

I’ll gather dusty bits of you 


Try to forget me 

like a cracked sidewalk 

I’ll trip you on a rainy day

Reviewed by Helen H.
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