Wesley the Owl by Stacie O'Brien

Aug 15, 2013

Wesley the Owl is a fascinating story about the 19 years Stacie O’Brien shares with Wesley, a barn owl.  Stacie, an employee at Caltech, is offered the opportunity to raise a barn owl.  She immediately accepts the offer and throws herself into the arduous but overwhelmingly poignant task of creating a happy and long life for her new feathered baby.  Wesley thrives in Stacie’s care, and Stacie, in return, becomes the best owl mother a baby owl could ask for.  At a very funny moment in Wesley’s life his relationship with Stacie changes, and he chooses her as a mate.  Because of The Way of the Owl (which you will learn as you read about Wesley) this switch is quite necessary, but you will be startled for a moment before succumbing to the giggles. In fact, you will find yourself giggling most of the way through this book.  You will leap up at moments, as you struggle to contain the vast joy inside your chest with the hand that is not holding the book.  You will cackle with delight as Wesley encounters mice, magazines, water and many other things.

Perhaps my favorite moment from the book involves one of Wesley’s attempts to catch and eat a live mouse.  Stacie places Wesley and the mouse in the bathtub and, while Wesley doesn’t understand that he should be killing, the mouse he is still curious.  The mouse of course doesn’t really care what’s going on until Wesley becomes curious.  So when Wesley plays with the mouse a bit the mouse bites him.  Wesley is appalled.  He turns back into a baby and he is quite pouty for a moment.   What a scenario!

Towards the end of the book Stacie divulges the last name of her best friend, who is mentioned throughout the book.  It turns out that the Wendy in this book is Wendy Francisco.  NO WAY, you all are saying.  Yes, I am serious!!!!  For those of you who are not familiar with Wendy Francisco, she is the lovely lady who sings the God and Dog song.  It makes perfect sense that Stacie and Wendy are best friends, and it makes me incredibly happy.

Reviewed by Hannah Jane W.
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