Water With Lemon by Zonya Foco and Stephen Moss

Jun 24, 2009

The premise behind Water with Lemon is that it is a diet book told in the format of a novel. I appreciate the concept and can even say the story line had the potential to be very engaging. In a novel, however, I need a little more character development and a little less beating over the head with diet habits.

Having read my fair share of diet books, I’m confident in saying the eight habits laid out here are sound, doable actions that anyone should be able to understand and implement. And the authors came pretty close to meeting their goal of writing a different kind of diet book that is readable from cover to cover.

Karen and her young son Gabe get locked out of the house by Gary, her mean-spirited and manipulative husband. While she waits in the woods behind her house for Gary to let her back in, she meets her neighbor, Fowler, who welcomes her into his home, and begins instructing her in the eight habits he created in order to be healthy. Fowler has a daughter Janice, who is confined to a wheel chair and despite being a brilliant geneticist, has never left her home. But while the book is chock full of interesting characters, we only get a glimpse of them outside of their discussions of the eight habits.

Water With Lemon is a good effort, but I would rather have read a detailed article.

Written by Helen H.

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