The Warrior

Judith E. French
Jan 23, 2017

Much is expected of Alexander, the only son of Alexander the Great, but he's more than ready for the task. His skills on the battlefield are well known, and he's charming, yet cautious when it comes to social and political affairs. His search for a wife worthy of the noble lineage of his family finds him engaged to Princess Mereret, the daughter of the Egyptian King Ptolemy. While waiting for the wedding date to arrive, a slave girl named Kiara is sent to entertain him. Although Alexander is stunned and enchanted by her beauty, his responsibility is clear. 

When evil events begin to unfold that even Alexander can't control, many lives are put in danger, including those of Alexander and Kiara. This slave girl, with whom Alexander is so taken, appears to be the least able to help him. But she successfully evades their pursuers to save both their lives, and her promised payment is that he accompany her home to the coast of Ireland where she was abducted as a child. Torn between the promise he's made to Kiara and his need to thwart the evil plans now in motion that threaten his homeland, Alexander makes his decision. But will it be the right one? With the jeweled and gilded glories of mighty ancient Alexandria as a backdrop, French takes the reader on a trip of high adventure, romance and intrigue. Rich with historical detail, the story is enlivened even more by subplots and indispensable secondary characters who both support and enhance the danger to the main characters. You'll feel compassion and pride at Kiara's never-failing hope and strength to endure. You'll love Alexander's single-minded ambition and physical strength tempered with a gentle inner goodness.

The Warrior is a must-read for anyone who loves historical romantic adventure.

Written by Library Staff