Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Jan 22, 2012

Isaac Marion’s debut novel, Warm Bodies is a love story with a twist.  One half of the couple is a zombie and the other is a “warm body”.  A zombie love story was one reason the book presents a fresh perspective on this genre.  Critics have compared this to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  "R", the main zombie, by circumstances introduced in the book, has visions of being in love with Julie.  Because of these visions he’s compelled to “be” with her no matter what.  "R" has always been unique even with his own kind, so when Julie's life is threatened he rescues and cares for her.  This book is also unique because it was self-published by the author and then discovered by Simon and Schuster and already a movie is set to be released in August with John Malkovich joining the cast.

Reviewed by Library Staff