Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

May 15, 2013

Warm Bodies is a beautiful  contemporary romance such as we have seen in Romeo and Juliet. Everything is against them but in the end love conquers all, only better than it did for Romeo and Juliet.  We have an outbreak of some sort of plague that is turning people into zombies either when they die naturally or when they are bitten and the zombie saliva is transferred into their blood streams.  A zombie named R lives in a jet cabin at an airport. He calls himself R because he can’t remember his name. He is different from the other zombies because he remembers he should have a name and he collects records, enjoys music and other living human-being type things. Julie (yes that is her name) is a living human and lives in the stadium where they train to kill the zombies. While the zombies are on a hunt and the hunters are hunting zombies, R and Julie see each other and it’s love at first sight for R. This is a fun love story I enjoyed listening to.

Written by Library Staff