Waiting on You

Kristan Higgins
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Jul 14, 2014

Things are going pretty well for Colleen O'Rourke:  she co-owns a tavern with her twin brother, Conner; has made more than a few love matches between the good people of Manningsport, NY; and is great at giving advice. Well, things were going well until Lucas Campbell comes back to Manningsport to see his dying uncle. Ten years ago they were in love—​Lucas living in Chicago gearing up to go to law school, Colleen in Manningsport to be close to her family while becoming a nurse. They had their life together planned out until secrets damaged their four-year relationship beyond repair. In their time apart, Lucas finds himself married and divorced, while Colleen fails to find a match for herself that makes her feel an ounce of what she did for Lucas.

Now here they are, unable to avoid each other. Colleen has just agreed to help socially awkward tomboy Paulie "Chicken Princess" Petrosinsky snag Lucas' cousin Bryce. This match is going to take a lot of hands-on work if it's going to happen. Bryce, while very loveable, is slightly dim-witted. He has not realized that Paulie is interested. Perhaps this is because, in Paulie's nervousness, she accidentally slams Bryce's head into Colleen's bar in her attempt to flirt. Regardless, Colleen has her work cut out for her, especially since Lucas knows what she's up to and thinks she should ditch this match.

Waiting on You is an enjoyable, quick read with a little bit of depth. Higgins has a way of writing humorous, romantic works full of witty dialog, strong relationships, and usually a canine or two. In the first two books of Higgins' Blue Heron series, The Best Man (1) and The Perfect Match (2), we meet the Hollands, a family running a vineyard in the Finger Lakes Wine Country and then branch out into the community. With each book I'm falling more in love with the fictionalized version of Manningsport, New York, and its inhabitants. Waiting On You is the third book in the series. You don't have to read the books in order; they focus on one couple, with previous couples popping up here and there along the way.

 Check out Waiting on You to see if Colleen and Lucas can move beyond the past and if Colleen has another successful match.​

Reviewed by Rachel N.
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