Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Wednesday, Jul 14, 2010

In Unwind by Neal Shusterman the Pro Life/Pro Choice debate caused a global war resulting in a compromise called the Unwind Accord. Technology had been developed which would allow every part of a human to be used in a transplant. The Unwind Accord did not allow abortion but allowed parents to "unwind" their children between the ages of 13 and 18 should they so choose. The "unwinding" process allowed for the child to be disassembled without actually ending their life as all of their separate parts would be used in transplant.

This is the story of three teens scheduled for unwinding. Connor, an young man with anger control issues whose parents have decided that he's caused enough trouble and have decided to have him unwound. Risa, a ward of the state has been studying piano but is deemed to not be talented enough to continue to take up room in a state home and has been designated for unwinding to open up space for the more talented orphans. Lev, has grown up knowing that he would be unwound on his 13th birthday as his family's tithe to their church.

In a chance meeting these three very different teens come together and vow to avoid the authorities until they reach their 18th birthdays and are free from the threat of being unwound. They embark on an adventure that will separate them and bring them back together as they fight for their lives and the lives of others they meet who are also on the run. Their adventures raise the questions of not only where and when life begins and ends but what does it mean to be alive and have the right to live.

A good book discussion book as there are many, many, issues to be discussed as well as action, and a little romance.

Lisa J.

Written by Lisa J.

Fun fact: I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.