On Turpentine Lane

Elinor Lipman
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Nov 8, 2017

On Turpentine Lane is purely entertainment. I was hooked from the beginning when Faith decides to buy a cute little house with 1950's decor . . . sans her fiancé or any idea of who had lived there previously. Both are signs that something isn't right. We soon learn about Faith's fiancé, Stuart, and his decision to walk across the country to find himself. One of my favorite parts is Faith reminiscing about her engagement to Stuart and the red string she wears as a ring. I found the characters to be interesting, sometimes bordering on extremely quirky, but fairly humorous. The story offers romance, a murder mystery, and looks at family relationships. Though it wraps up very neatly, which can sometimes bother me, I didn't mind. If you're looking for a light read or listen, give this a try!

Reviewed by Rachel N.
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