A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber

Feb 29, 2012

Ruth, Bethanne, and Annie, of the “Blossom Street” knitting group set off on a cross country road trip to Florida where Ruth will be attending her 50th high school class reunion and hopefully reconnecting with her high school beau Royce.  Bethanne, Ruth’s former daughter-in-law, has agreed to join her as she needs to get away so that she can consider the fact that her ex-husband (Ruth’s son and Annie’s father) would like to reconcile.  Annie decides to tag along as she is depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend who she thought was going to be proposing. 

As they travel from Seattle to Florida they take many detours, meet new people and see new things as they explore the country.  Bethanne meets Max, a biker, and is intrigued by this gentle, soft spoken, man who spends his life riding his motorcycle around the country helping others. 

All three ladies learn a lot about themselves and each other as well.  After a fabulous time in Florida they return to Seattle and use what they learned about themselves to make positive changes in their lives.  Don’t miss this adventure in Debbie Macomber’s A Turn in the Road.  Knowledge of previous Blossom Street characters is not necessary.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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