Truesight by David Stahler

Feb 17, 2010

Truesight by David StahlerIn Truesight, by David Stahler, blindness is considered to be the path to “true sight”, a pure way of life. What started as a small community of blind people grew to a large community of people genetically manipulated to be born blind. Eventually this community founded several colonies on other planets. People who can see, “seers” are considered abominations. Truesight is the first book in a trilogy about a young teen on one of these colonies who seems to be developing sight. The book is fairly fast paced; you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. The story itself brings into focus how some humans can feel prejudice towards a trait that others consider a blessing. The whole idea of a utopian society, and whether it is possible, is also questioned. Ultimately, Truesight is about a young man deciding where he belongs and what kind of life he wants to live. The second book in the trilogy is called The Seer; the third book is called Otherspace.

Reviewed by Diane H.
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