The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and other stories by Nicholas Gurewitch

Jun 25, 2010

The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and other storiesIgnatz Award winning The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and other stories is a collection of webcomics and newspaper comic strips from the inventive creator, Nicholas Gurewitch.

Unlike most comic strips there is no recurring cast of characters, no consistent art style, subject or theme. From generic cartoony figures to detailed Edward Gorey-esque drawings the artist varies styles to fit the subject or purposefully mislead the reader by contrasting art style and joke. The Trial of Colonel Sweeto covers a variety of subjects and isn't afraid to be risque. A lot of the punch of the strips come from the the way the panels are constructed, they make the reader make leaps of logic and form the "joke" between panels.

There are many laughs to be had from reading The Trial of Colonel Sweeto, and everyone needs a laugh, but I would not recommend it to the easily offended or even the not so easily offended.

Reviewed by Brian O.
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