The Trespasser

French, Tana
Nov 23, 2016

An open-and-shut domestic murder case turns out to be much more than Antionette Conway or Stephan Moran bargained for when assigned Aislinn Murray’s case. Beautiful Aislinn is found dead in her perfectly decorated home, alone, with the doors locked. Her boyfriend Rory Fallon has a dinner date at Aislinn’s that night but she never answers the door or his many calls.

Each of French's books revolve around a different detective in the Dublin Murder Squad. The Trespasser is told from Conway’s point-of-view. As the only woman, and therefore an outsider in the squad room, it is hard to gain respect with the sands continually shifting under her feet. The lads are constantly causing trouble for Conway while she tries to keep her head down and get her solve rate up.

The Trespasser is an in-depth view of a detective’s psychology working a case that does not add up. The characters depth drive this suspenseful story and French’s gift for dialogue, especially the Irish brogue, envelopes you. Dublin is cold, windy, and unforgiving, creating great atmosphere which leads the reader straight to a cup of tea. This police procedural is foggy around the edges until French brings everything into focus. This is French’s best novel yet.

Reviewed by Library Staff