Trauma Plan

Candace Calvert
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Mar 23, 2015

It’s been almost a year since Riley Hale was attacked in the hospital parking garage as she left her ER nursing shift.  Injuries sustained in the attack have left her dominant arm and hand numb and weak keeping her from nursing work at Grace Medical Hospital.  Instead, she serves as the hospital’s Chaplain - rewarding work but not the nursing Riley longs to do again.  She has secretly been honing her nursing skills and developing strength in her arm and hand in hopes of returning to the ER.

Dr. Jack Travis is trouble with a capital “T”.  He runs a free medical clinic for those who can’t afford medical care on the edges of an up and coming posh neighborhood in San Antonio. To support himself and the clinic, he works at several of the surrounding emergency rooms, including Grace Medical. Proximity to a gated community draw controversy to the clinic and Jack defends it and its patients vehemently against attempts to shut them down.

At first Jack and Riley butt heads at Grace Medical. Jack sees Riley’s position as Chaplin superfluous and Riley feels that Jack is abrasive and rude.  However, Riley becomes a volunteer at Jack’s clinic to work on her nursing skills and as they get to know each other and the clinic’s patients they realize that they both have a lot to offer the community and each other.

Trauma Plan is the first book in the Grace Medical trilogy. Author Calvert is a former ER nurse and brings much of the tension and excitement from the ER to her stories making them very realistic. Readers of Lynette Eason and Dee Henderson are bound to enjoy Calvert’s Trauma Plan.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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