Total Surrender

Rebecca Zanetti
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Nov 26, 2015

Jory Dean is the youngest of the Dean brothers, a family created by the Commander and genetically-enhanced to be super soldiers. They are also scheduled for termination in just a few days. Jory has been missing for two years and his brothers thought he was dead. However, he is being held by the Commander at a secret lab where his team is trying to disable the chip that was implanted by the Commander in Jory's spine five years ago and damaged during his capture. The Commander does not want to lose Jory's super soldier skills and believes that he can gain Jory's compliance by promising to save his brothers once they are able to disable the kill chips.

Having little luck in accessing the kill chip, the Commander brings in his own daughter, Piper, who is a super hacker and computer whiz to see if she can successfully deactivate the chip without killing Jory. Though warned that Jory is an expert at manipulation, Piper can't help but believe that Jory is more truthful than the Commander. She wants to believe the best of her father, whom she has just met, but Jory and other evidence seem to undermine that. Accepting what she comes to believe is the truth about her father is hard, but the truth is staring her in the face along with her growing feelings for Jory.  

Jory's main goal in what he is sure are his few remaining days is to find out what he needs to know to disable his brothers' kill chips, regardless of whether his own can be repaired.  However, once  Piper hits his radar his protective instincts take over, and he has to save her from the Commander.  Jory must come to terms with accepting help from an unlikely source in order to save Piper and his brothers, all the while having to override his protective instincts.  

Don't miss this fourth and final volume of the Sin Brothers series, where Zanetti wraps up the Dean brothers' story. Will they all live happily ever after? Do the Commander and his crew get what's coming to them? Check out Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti. Read the series from the beginning to get the whole story on all the Dean brothers: Forgotten Sins, Sweet Revenge, Blind Faith, and Total Surrender.  

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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