The Total Outdoorsman Manual

T. Edwards Nickens
Oct 14, 2014

With 408 skill tips broken into 5 categories (camping, fishing, hunting, survival, and challenge) this complete outdoor manual covers all the basics and then some.  Most of the tips are less than 4 paragraphs long, so the book works very well as a reference manual (though full page and even double page spreads are given to subjects that require it, such as track identification and fire starting techniques)for those who enjoy the great outdoors.  There are some basic tips like seasoning a dutch oven, or identifying drake mallards, that will be redundant to people who have been camping/hunting for a while, but other tips like how to be a backcountry barista or how to kill a wild pig with a knife are definitely more advanced (and not for the faint of heart).  I found that a few of the explanations could have been clearer, especially for anyone who didn’t already have some basic outdoor experience; however, for the most part the instructions are well written and easy to follow.  This is a good recommendation for anyone who enjoys getting outdoors and away from the city for awhile.

Written by Robin D.

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