Time Writing Contest Winner

Kaleah Petersen
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May 24, 2018

Johnson County Library and The Writers Place are pleased to announce that Kaleah Petersen has won the open category of our writing contest on the theme of TIME with "A Matter of Time".

Kaleah Petersen is in eighth grade at Indian Woods Middle School and is taking a Creative Writing class. She enjoys writing poetry and fiction in her free time.


A Matter of Time
Time is precious
You always think
That you have more
The only ticking you hear
Is your dying heart
Counting down
The final seconds of life
And every minute
Every second
Of your entire life
Flashes before you
In a single moment


They say

Let time not count age
But wisdom


I say
What is wisdom
When time runs out
Only age matters then


They say

Time shows what matters


I say
Time shows mistakes
Playing them in my head
Over and over
Drowning me in regret
As my heart ticks
And the seconds of my life
Near an end


They say

Be patient
Things will happen with time


I say
My entire life
Has been spent
And I’ll still be waiting
When my time stops


They say

Time teaches the value
Of life


I say
Life teaches the limitations
Of time


They say

Time is a gift


I say
Time is a curse

My heart is ticking
It is only a matter of time
Before mine stops
But as I lie
I hear more ticking
Thousands of hearts
The hearts of those untouched by time

Reviewed by Helen H.
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