The Time Between

Karen White
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Apr 28, 2014

Growing up on one of the South Carolina outerbanks islands, Eleanor was a wild child who knew no fear and who loved to play the piano.  Her sister was the beauty queen.  Now in her 30's, Eleanor lives with her sister, brother-in-law and mother in a small house on the mainland.  Eleanor works in an office and moonlights as a piano player in a bar to help make ends meet.  When Eleanor is offered extra work by her boss to be a companion to his elderly aunt that lives on the island she grew up on Eleanor snaps up the opportunity not only to make more money but to get out of the house and away from the guilt that haunts her there.  However, she doesn't realize that she's just trading one set of family issues for another.  Helena, the elderly aunt, isn't interested in Eleanor or her company, but Eleanor is determined to put up with Helena and her moods no matter what.  Helena and Eleanor eventually come to an understanding and Eleanor learns the many secrets behind Helena's ways which date all the way back to WWII when she and her sister escaped Nazi Germany to come to the United States.  

A rich story of family, guilt, secrets and the freedom that can come from letting go.


Reviewed by Lisa J.
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