Tasting Club by Dina Cheney

Mar 7, 2013

There is more to food tasting then just wine and cheese tasting parties. And this book tells us all about it.  It provides tips how to entertain a group of friends while indulging in the best the food world has to offer. Among the unusual culinary but tempting delicacies the Tasting Club suggests are honey, tea, chocolate, olive oil and cured meats. I enjoyed the most learning about the intriguing world of expensive and rare balsamic vinegars of Italy.  Each food item chapter starts with describing the history of that item, as some of them are foods enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. (Tasting Club suggests the Sumerians were concisely preparing their food as early as 3000 B.C.) The book also includes possible the health benefits and current trends of each food item. The index lists websites and addresses with suggestions for obtaining some harder-to-get foods and ingredients.  Inviting pictures provide ideas on presentation and the selection of food containers and dishes.  This small-size book is a great addition to the cookbook library of every food enthusiast as handy reference that will be used often.

Reviewed by Library Staff