Aug 8, 2021

Kaz Brekker is the worst of the worst in the Barrel, where all the thieves and thugs lie. His harrowing past has made him cruel beyond belief, and he’s known for being able to steal anything. When a prospering merchant offers him thirty million Kruge to hold the biggest heist of his life, he has no other option but to take it. Forming a team with a marksman who loves high risks, a treasonous convict barely surviving, a nationalistic witch with heartrending powers, a wealthy dealer’s son, and an assassin that survived the pleasure houses, Kaz sets his eyes on his biggest job yet. An

The Way of Kings

By Brandon Sanderson
Rated by Megan K.
Mar 4, 2020


Ah, the one and only Brandon Sanderson. If you are a fan of high fantasy you are probably familiar with his works and can reminisce on the first Sanderson book you experienced. I say experienced- not read- because working the way through a Sanderson novel alongside his characters is an adventure. I started digging into Sanderson’s works with the Mistborn trilogy, which I highly recommend. The trilogy is a great introduction to Brandon Sanderson’s works as it is shorter, but still provides that intricate worldbuilding and thought provoking storytelling for which he is so well known. Since