Oct 21, 2021

Quinn and Tarek’s family work together in the wedding business. Quinn’s family plans weddings and Tarek’s family caters. When Quinn confessed her feelings to Tarek, he left her with no reply. But when he shows up in the summer for another wedding, her feelings for him grow.

This book tries to have representation about mental health, diversity, and religion, but it doesn’t do a good job about it. This book seems cute on the outside, but while reading and analyzing this book, it’s just a train wreck. It seems like the author tried to make Tarek, a Muslim character, seem careless about his

Table 19 (DVD)

By Jeffrey Blitz
Rated by Traci M.
Sep 7, 2017

Why must movie trailers be so misleading? There have been many a movie where the finished product seems completely different from what the trailer hyped it to be. Like a comedy that is not that funny because the trailer gave away the only two humorous parts of the entire film.

After viewing the trailer of Table 19, I popped in the DVD expecting a romantic comedy. A girl meets a guy while at the wedding of her ex-boyfriend’s sister. She’s seated at the worst table but it’s filled with quirky characters who have laugh out loud hijinks. That’s not the movie I got.

Anna Kendrick’s Eloise has