Extreme Measures

By Elisabeth Naughton
Rated by Lisa J.
Sep 21, 2015

Evelyn Wolfe, black ops CIA intelligence officer, is looking for her kidnapped sister.  When the van supposedly holding her sister explodes, Evelyn is knocked out and scooped up by ex-CIA agent and current Ageis Security agent (and former lover) Zane Archer.  Archer is out to get Eve for something that happened on their last mission together.  Now both are implicated in the bombing that injured several innocent bystanders. When Eve wakes up, she and Archer must set aside their differences while they clear their names and find Eve's sister. Who can they trust? Each other? No one? What really

May 24, 2012

Indian Country, a graphic novel, is written and drawn in the hard boiled tradition.  Everything is dark.  Relationships are difficult. Violence is an everyday occurrence. Dashiell Bad Horse has returned to the reservation after being away for years.  He is hired by the local Indian reservation police but he is actually undercover for the FBI. There are competing interests at stake, which Bad Horse must balance.  Bad Horse has history with many of the people.  No one is happy. This is a successful series and the story line moves and shifts in the Indian culture vs. a dominant culture.  I