The Forgotten Girls

By Sara Blaedel
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Rated by Rachel N.
Mar 29, 2017

In The Forgotten Girls, Detective Louise Rick returns to the area she grew up in for a fresh start. As the new head of the Missing Persons Department, she finds that her familiarity with the terrain makes things easier, however, confronting people from her past is tougher than she expects.

While reading, you get an inkling that there may be more than one mystery to be solved. True to Scandinavian crime fiction, this book doesn't shy away from tough subjects or gory details.

My mystery book group read this title and had mixed feelings: some wished Rick had done a little more police work

The Thirteenth Tale

By Diane Setterfield
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Rated by Emily D.
Feb 1, 2017

Wanna hear a ghost story? A fabulous tale about sisters, secrets, family, fire, death, and ghosts?

I'm not usually a fan of scary or horror stories, but The Thirteenth Tale is a mystery with many twists and turns that I find quite intriguing and just a little spooky. Follow biographer Margaret Lea as she discovers the true past of reclusive author Vida Winter. Piece together the hints and secrets as she reveals her extraordinary existence. Is Vida Winter who she says she is? Who set fire to the house? Is there really a ghost?

Notes: I listened to this book and the narration is very well done

Her Fearful Symmetry

By Audrey Niffenegger
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Rated by Sam S.
Dec 1, 2016


"After their English aunt dies, listless American twins Julia and Valentina travel to London to live in their aunt's now empty flat overlooking Highgate Cemetery. There they become embroiled in the day-to-day sagas of their eccentric neighbors. But soon they discover that something is alive in Highgate--something unable to move on."

A haunted, aging apartment in north London, bordering one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, complete with an unusual set of inhabitants and a bit of London's darker history sprinkled throughout . . . no one had to convince me to pick this one up. 


CUTTING FOR STONE by Abraham Verghese

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Apr 9, 2011

“A good story about flawed people” is a simple, concise but understated way to describe this tale of love abandonment, betrayal and redemption. It begins with the birth of twins to a beautiful Indian nun and a brilliant, but brash surgeon in an Ethiopian hospital for the poor. The mother, who kept her pregnancy secret, dies at childbirth and the father, devastated by the tragedy, disappears. The twins, Marion and Shiva, are raised by two Indian doctors. The story is told by Marion, who must escape his homeland after finishing medical school because of a false report of his involvement in a