Jan 4, 2022

Yadriel is a Blacksheep. His whole family brujos and brujas fit into their roles as spirit savers and healers respectfully. But Yadriel, a transgender boy, is stuck in the middle identifying as a brujo but being acknowledged as a bruja by most of his family. To prove he is a brujo, Yadriel appoints his cousin (the other Blacksheep of the family) in saving the day through the powers of the brujos. Yadriel succeeds in using the brujo powers but summons the wrong spirit. Instead of helping his family, he summoned the spirit of bad boy Julian...

The book had a good premise I enjoyed the

Oct 21, 2021

Noah Ramirez runs a popular blog called “Meet Cute Diary” where he writes stories of loves stories including trans people. These blogs give many trans people hope for love of their own. But there seems to be one problem for Noah: the stories are fake. He tries to keep this under wraps until someone exposes his stories as fiction. He tries to stage a romance with Drew, his friend, but it quickly turns into something real.

I enjoy that Noah is not a perfect character; he is a teenager that experiences a lot of emotions, mostly bad. This book was an easy read and a light hearted story. I like

Act Cool by Tobly McSmith

Act Cool

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Oct 21, 2021

August Greene is a trans teen that attends a prestigious performing arts school in New York, where he feels his true self. He made a promise to his parents that he won’t transition; if he does, he would have to attend conversion therapy. He tries to be himself with his friends, and, at the same time, satisfy his parents’ wishes.

This book struck a ton of emotions in me; it made me sad and angry. There are many situations in this book that are heavy and difficult. This book is all about self-acceptance and identity. This book is also about family, how you can also make a family with the

Oct 6, 2021

June’s daily life revolves around her best friend, Jess. But when June gets sent away to Virginia because of underage drinking, it seems to be the start of a series of bad events for her. While living with her grandmother, she goes through growth, discovery, and learning to be independent.

This story is written nicely. It shows how June changes for the better throughout the book.  The book shows us how June strengthens her relationship with her loved ones, while also learning to surround herself with good people.  I enjoyed how the characters were not perfect, but instead they were