Sep 27, 2021

Meet Oscar, a strong-willed senior in high school. He has high hopes to take over his families’ Swedish food truck business. While at school, he meets Mary Louise, a girl who is the total opposite of Oscar. They both plan a minimal food waste project that includes his food truck.  Despite all the chaos around them, a romance blooms between the two as they face each of their own struggles.

It was refreshing to see the main characters in this book act like true teenagers. They are quick-witted, learning, and unsure about the future. This story contains themes of grief, humor, and romance

The Roanoke Girls

By Amy Engel
Rated by Diane H.
May 1, 2017

The Roanoke Girls is a disturbing, compelling read. While the “big, dark secret” is revealed early on, the story still draws the reader in. I had to find out what happened to the Roanoke girls, the sisters, aunts, cousins. They seemed to be such studies in contrast: darkness and fire, guilt and defiance, innocence and desire.

When Lane left Roanoke, the family home in rural Kansas, she never thought she would willingly return. Only one person could bring her back – her cousin Allegra, whose disappearance draws Lane back to a place she fled after learning her family’s dark secret.