space exploration

Oct 21, 2021

Laura Bufano Edge’s Apollo 13 A Successful Failure is an informative nonfiction book about the Apollo 13 disaster. NASA had already been sending astronauts into space for a while, but wanted to do more research on the moon. The Apollo13 launch crew wanted to land on the moon to do said research. Problems with the oxygen tanks created an explosion, causing the crew to lose a lot of their air, water, fuel, and other supplies. The team now had to focus solely on surviving and getting home. They had to use the moon’s gravity to fling them back towards Earth. After four days, they landed in the

The Martian

By Andy Weir
Rated by Nancy D.M.
Jun 27, 2015

The Martian follows an American Mars astronaut who is mistakenly left for dead on the red planet after an abnormally bad sandstorm causes NASA to scrub a month long mission after six days. The extremely long flight, preparation time and resources required by NASA for such a voyage means this astronaut’s life depends on some creative means of seriously extending his supplies until the next mission is sent—and that means lots of math! 

Originally self-published, The Martian retains some hallmarks of a text that doesn’t conform to more traditional edits which is a nice change of pace in my