social media

Oct 21, 2021

Plum Winter gets excited when she finds out her cool influencer sister, Peach Winter, gets invited to a festival on a private island. Plum decides to invite her two friends, Marlowe and Antonia, to attend the festival. When they arrive to the island, it’s the total opposite of luxurious; it’s abandoned. Soon, the other seven influencers start to die. Now Plum and her friends have to find the killer before it’s too late.

Reading this book felt like walking into a horror movie! I enjoyed reading this book and I ended up finishing it in no time. If you enjoy ‘whodunits’ or mystery movies, this

Oct 21, 2021

CeCe Ross and her girlfriend, Silvie, are known to many people as social media influencers. But when Silvie breaks up with CeCe, she wonders if Silvie is not the only thing she will lose. Things seemed to being going good for Cece when she meets Josh, a boy who doesn’t partake in social media. But trouble brews for CeCe when she can’t seem to separate her private and public life.

I enjoyed how this book dives in to the topics of social media, and the effects of it. This book teaches us that social media is a strong platform and it could either be used for your gain or for negative purposes

Oct 6, 2021

Jess is a 17-year-old girl whose mother had been the first victim of the Magpie Man, an infamous serial killer. She decides to participate in a YouTube reality TV show to use her platform and try to catch the Magpie Man. In order to gain a contract with the show, she has to compete with four other teens to see who could gain the most attention. Will Jess be able to outshine her four competitors? Will she be able to catch the Magpie Man? Read more to find out!

This book is a mixture of realistic and unrealistic themes. The use of social media and having a show on YouTube seems realistic, but

Influence by Sara Shepard


By Sara Shepard & Lilia Buckingham
Rated by Heather Mi.
Apr 1, 2021

It’s perfect, but is it real? Influence follows the lives of four teen influencers who live what seem like perfect lives: Delilah Rollins, a newbie who shot to fame after posting a viral video, Jasmine Walters-Diaz, a former child star who’s tired of hiding her real self, Fiona Jacobs, an aspiring actress who harbors a dark secret from her past, and Scarlet Leigh, the quintessential mean girl of the group. In the whirlwind of events and auditions and shoots, the tension escalates and one of the girls ends up dead. As the other girls try to root out the killer, they are reminded again and again

Feb 20, 2018

After writing about the struggles of Gen X and Millennials in 2006's Generation Me, and the rise of society-wide obsession with self in 2009's Narcissism Epidemic, Dr. Twenge then set her sights on a new, decidedly different, group of young people.

A fitting moniker for those born from the mid-1990s to 2000s, "iGen"-- a term coined by the author, herself -- refers to a generation which has never known a world without the personal technology that has rapidly become a large part of our lives. A researcher with over two decades of experience, Twenge's work in iGen seeks to not only examine and

Point, Click, Love

By Molly Shapiro
Rated by Helen H.
Feb 11, 2015

Chick lit grows up in this smart, insightful, and honest look at life as a middle-aged woman.  And it’s not the same middle age our mothers experienced.

Katie, newly divorced with two kids, finds that on-line dating is no less messy and confusing than marriage. Annie, who really didn’t know her Jewish boyfriend of six years would never marry her, is going to make her own dreams come true. Well, mostly. Maxine, perfect on the outside, not so much on the inside, seeks solace from her stale marriage in the most unlikely places. And Claudia, tired of her husband’s double life – the real one and