Dec 23, 2021

Black Wings Beating is the first book in Alex London’s young adult fantasy series, Skybound. This novel follows twins Kylee and Brysen as they find themselves in the middle of a war between the sky and the earth. Together, the twins will venture into the treacherous mountains to find the deadly Ghost Eagle that could help their people win the war. I enjoyed the complex relationships that London presented, but I hated how Kylee kept dimming herself to fuel Brysen’s arrogance. Furthermore, the world-building had great potential, but it was detailed to the point of confusion at times.

Dry by Neal Schusterman


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Oct 21, 2021

Dry is about Alyssa and Garret, whose lives completely alter after the drought. Alyssa and Garret are siblings who live in California with their parents and uncle. Suddenly, the water supply is gone. Therefore, families turn against each other, striving for water. Her parents are gone, and her brother and her lives are threatened.  Can Alyssa fix the problem with the help of her neighbor, Kelton?

I enjoyed reading Dry because the genre is realistic fiction. The story includes real-life problems and solutions. I also enjoy the way the plot is written. I would reread his book. Secondly, I


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Aug 15, 2018

Joe hasn't seen his brother Ed in ten years, not since he was locked up for murder. But now he's on death row, and his execution date has been set. Joe is determined to spend the last weeks with his brother, no matter if Ed committed the crime. But did he? And in the end, does it really matter? What can't be forgiven?

This book is at times both beautiful and heartbreaking. It forces you to think about and question the justice system, which is rife with injustice. The plot really worked with the verse form, although the shift between past and present events was sometimes confusing, and I

Aug 4, 2017

Che is trying to be normal. He has a list, even. Of things he wants to accomplish soon, after moving to New York with his family.
However, Item Number One is: Keep Rosa Safe.

Seems normal right? After all, Rosa's just his five-year-old sister. Completely normal. Except she's also a diagnosable psychopath. Rosa has a long trail of seemingly innocent acts of killing on her small hands, and it's only a matter of time before he kills again, maybe this time a person.

Che has to protect his sister from the world- but he may need to protect the world from his sister.

This was a gripping

Jun 28, 2017

Rosa seems like a charming and brilliant young girl, she makes it look like there is nothing wrong with her. But her brother knows better. She is so talented at deception and persuasion, he is certain she is a diagnosable psychopath. She hasn’t hurt any people yet, but he is sure it is only a matter of time. Ever since their parents moved them to New York City, Rosa has been playing increasingly complex and disturbing games. Can he protect Rosa from the world, but more importantly, can he protect the world against Rosa?

This book starts out as a fun YA with terrific characters and then gets

Apr 6, 2017

In Ponyboy’s world, there are only 2 kinds of people: greasers and socs. A soc has money, power, and privilege, and can get away with practically anything. But a greaser always lives on the outside, and needs to watch his back if he doesn’t want to get beat up by a group of socs. Ponyboy is a greaser, and has always been proud of it, and fights against gangs of socs to help his fellow greasers. But one terrible night, his friend Johnny accidentally kills a soc in self defense, and their ensuing escape causes his entire world view to change and learns that pain feels the same whether you are a

Sep 25, 2013

Fourteen-year-old Jenny shares her daily life with her diary "Dee." Jenny's younger brother Ezra is a common topic.   You see, Ezra has autism and Jenny feels connected to him by an invisible cord which helps her keep track of him and his moods.  Jenny also feels responsible for keeping Ezra out of trouble and for protecting him from those who don't understand Ezra's actions and autism.

However, Jenny also wants to do all of the things that the other 14-year-old girls are doing at her school without having to worry about what's going on with Ezra.  While she is proud of Ezra and all of the

Jul 6, 2012

Forget what you think you know about mermaids. Ariel and Disney have no place in this horrific tale of tragedy and death, love and desire, by Anne Greenwood-Brown. Lies Beneath begins with Calder White stating that he hates the cold almost as much as the draw he feels to join his family on the yearly migration. Ever since Calder was taken in by the woman he refers to as his mother and her three daughters, Calder has felt trapped. And while this may seem like a normal everyday problem, it is not. Calder and his sisters are mermaids, and not the sing-song type. They kill for survival as they