Yes Please

By Amy Poehler

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jun 7, 2016

Listening to the audiobook of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please exceeds expectations. To hear the comedic build-up, delivery, and nuance of each joke she lands is a joy. Poehler tells us writing is hard and she is trying to lower expectations so when it turns out well we are impressed. However, there is no need to try and fool the reader; the writing is crisp, witty, hilarious, and often soul-searching. Yes Please showcases the hard work, time, and dedication Poehler puts into her comedy. 

This is not only a memoir; it is an exploration of a life in and outside the spotlight. I expected to enjoy

Hollywood Animal by Joe Eszterhas

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Sep 7, 2012

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Joe Eszterhas’ memoir Hollywood Animal. I tried to read this book with an open mind, but in the end, ended up just about despising the author. In his zeal to portray himself as a player on the Hollywood scene, Eszterhas instead reminded this reader that sleaze just isn’t all that amusing.

In addition, this book is more than 700 pages long; it should have been HALF that. I guess, though, that if you're the screenwriter who wrote Basic Instinct, plus a lot of other films that altogether have grossed about a billion bucks (that's not an exaggeration), then