The Weight of Blood

By Laura McHugh
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Jun 22, 2017

Told in alternating perspectives of members of the Dane family from both the past and the present, McHugh builds a twisted and disturbing portrait of a family with deep, dark secrets.

Lucy never knew her mother; she walked into a cave when Lucy was one and never came out. Then, at sixteen, Lucy’s developmentally disabled friend, Cheri, goes missing, leaving Lucy wondering what part her lack of enthusiasm for the friendship played in the disappearance. When Lucy starts working at the family store, she discovers a clue that puts her on the trail of not just Cheri’s final moments, but her long

The Outlaw Album: Stories

By Daniel Woodrell

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Aug 21, 2013

I've got a literary crush on Daniel Woodrell, who's the author of Winter's Bone and once lived right here in Johnson County, Kansas, before settling back down in his ancestral home in the Missouri Ozarks near the Arkansas border.

Mr. Woodrell first launched his writing career as a crime novelist with his haunting and gritty Bayou Trilogy  featuring Detective Rene Shade in the Louisiana swamp town of Saint Bruno, a place where "tempers went on the prowl and relief was driving a hard bargain."  Soon after came Woe to Live On , which was adapted into the Ang Lee filmRide With the Devil and

Jun 8, 2010

winter.jpgAuthor Daniel Woodrell was born in Springfield, Missouri and graduated from KU before heading over to the Iowa Writers' Workshop. He currently lives in the Ozarks and this is his second book to be adapted to film. The main character, Ree Dolly, is a scrappy teenager who works hard to care for her two younger brothers and their mentally ill mother. Her father who cooks meth for a living has dissappeared and if he doesn't show up for his court date the bondsman will own their home. The dysfunctional families that surround Ree seem too horrific to believe but something tells me they do indeed