mental institution

Aug 6, 2021

Both Alice and Celia are twins. After Alice’s boyfriend, Jason, died in a fire, she was committed into a mental psych ward. Alice hates it there, but after meeting a kid, Chase, she begins to wonder if her sister is in the ward too! She asks Chase, a mysterious boy, for help. But in the process, Alice begins to rethink everything. Can she trust Chase? Is anyone going to help her? All Alice wants to know is the truth. What happened to Jason? Where is Celia?

I did not exactly love this book. It is an okay read. The book culminated nicely, but I easily guessed the twist. I could say that the

The Forgotten Girls

By Sara Blaedel
Rated by Rachel N.
Mar 29, 2017

In The Forgotten Girls, Detective Louise Rick returns to the area she grew up in for a fresh start. As the new head of the Missing Persons Department, she finds that her familiarity with the terrain makes things easier, however, confronting people from her past is tougher than she expects.

While reading, you get an inkling that there may be more than one mystery to be solved. True to Scandinavian crime fiction, this book doesn't shy away from tough subjects or gory details.

My mystery book group read this title and had mixed feelings: some wished Rick had done a little more police work