Angel Sanctuary Vol. 1

By Kaori Yuki
Rated by Amanda H.
Jul 17, 2015

Setsuna Mudou is a teenager in Tokyo with a lot of unusual problems. First, he’s in love with his sister Sara--like real love love--and as if that weren’t enough, he’s also the latest reincarnation of the cursed female angel Alexiel, who rebelled against Heaven and defied God. When his powers start to awaken he’s approached by Kurai, a demon princess of Gehenna who was Alexiel’s follower, hunted by Alexiel’s insane twin brother Rosiel and his puppets, and viewed as a savior by an underground faction in Heaven. After he’s involved in the death of a classmate Setsuna finds himself on the run

Jan 16, 2013

Let’s talk about germs! Whether you think about them or not, they’re everywhere! But what if you could see them with your naked eye? Tadayasu Sawaki has had the ability ever since he was little to see microorganisms as small playful creatures that talk and interact with him. The son of a family of koji mold growers, an art that provides starters for fermented foods such as sake and miso, Sawaki is now a freshman entering university in Tokyo. Accompanied by his friend Kei Yuki, son of a sake brewer, Sawaki finds that although they might have left the countryside behind, life at an agricultural

Clover (Omnibus Edition) by CLAMP

Rated by Amanda H.
Aug 4, 2010

cloverIf you like manga, you’ve probably heard of the artistic group Clamp. If you’re new to graphic fiction, Clamp makes for an excellent introduction to Japanese comics, as their ability to cross genres provides something for every age group and taste. Clamp has been around since the 1980s, starting as a college doujinshi (fan comics) circle of female artists, and the four core current members have earned their superstar status through a mix of innovative plotting, fanservice teasing (mostly for the ladies), and unbelievably beautiful artwork, which started out amazing and has had over twenty