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Jul 27, 2017

Do you ever dream about living off the land, but don't know where to start? Welcome to the Farm offers a perfect glimpse into modern homesteading. 

Shay Elliot, of The Elliott Homestead blog, scratches the surface of, and thus demystifies, many farm activities that might seem foreign and exotic. For beginning homesteaders, and even for those who are just curious about what happens on a small farm, she breaks down different aspects into digestible chapters and sections. Ever thought about keeping bees? In a few pages you'll know if you want to investigate further. Butchering a hog or chicken

Going Veggie

By Trudy Slabosz
Rated by Katie S.
Jan 30, 2016

Changing your lifestyle is not an easy choice, so when taking on a challenge like becoming a vegetarian, chances are you would like for the transition to be as easy as possible. Trudy Slabosz shows readers how to ease the transition with her short and sweet book Going Veggie. In it, readers will find a very concise plan for cutting out meat from their diets in 30 days. The information is straightforward and not weighed down by intimidating medical jargon, and Slabosz's voice is encouraging and relaxed. She experienced happiness and health benefits when she cut out meat from her diet, and she