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Nov 22, 2021

Claire Draper seems to have a good life, she lives in New York with her family, and she has a girlfriend named Vanessa. But when a pandemic hits, she is forced to quarantine with her family. After spending so much time inside, she notices a girl across her apartment, sitting on a fire escape.  Claire decides to write a story based around this mysterious girl. She didn’t expect it to gain much traction, but when it does, she does not know what to do. Want to know what happens next?  Read more to find out!

I personally did not like this book. I don’t like how Claire is obsessed with the girl

Nov 18, 2021

17-year-old Syd works in a bakery while struggling with the aftermath of a breakup. When baking brownies, Syd discovers that they can bake their feelings into sweets. When Syd’s brownies end up breaking up the relationship of whoever eats them, Syd tries to fix the problem by baking sweets with good feelings. Can Syd fix the broken relationships? Read more to find out!

I really liked how this book has diverse and relatable characters. This book is perfect for those looking for books with themes of inclusion and heartfelt romance. I really enjoyed the writing of both the story and the

Oct 21, 2021

She Drives Me Crazy is a funny and addicting young adult novel by Kelly Quindlen. This book is about two lesbians, one who is extremely popular and named Irene, and one who is on the girl’s basketball team named Scottie. They awkwardly get together at first, trying to bring fans to the girl’s basketball game and their scheme gradually turns into a love story.

I love the way the author told the story of two lesbians whose odds of getting together were one in a million. I also love the way the author brought the story to life; it was like I was witnessing the story myself. I recommend this

Act Cool by Tobly McSmith

Act Cool

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Oct 21, 2021

August Greene is a trans teen that attends a prestigious performing arts school in New York, where he feels his true self. He made a promise to his parents that he won’t transition; if he does, he would have to attend conversion therapy. He tries to be himself with his friends, and, at the same time, satisfy his parents’ wishes.

This book struck a ton of emotions in me; it made me sad and angry. There are many situations in this book that are heavy and difficult. This book is all about self-acceptance and identity. This book is also about family, how you can also make a family with the