By Matti Friedman
Rated by Diane H.
Apr 1, 2017

There has never been a conflict-free time in Israel. The times between wars carry their own tensions, disputes, incidents and attacks. While there are numerous books about the larger wars and about the relationship between Israel and the Arabs who surround her, little has been written about Israel's presence in Southern Lebanon in the 1980's and '90's. Until now.

Matti Friedman draws from his own and other soldiers’ experiences when writing about Israel’s outposts in Southern Lebanon, in particular, the outpost known as the Pumpkin. These outposts were deemed necessary at the time to

Where Do We Go Now? (DVD)

By Directed by Nadine Labaki
Rated by Magda B.
Jul 14, 2013

If you think that a comedy about religious and ethnic tension is impossible or inappropriate, this movie will prove you wrong! Where Do We Go Now is a satirical fable depicting contemporary life in an isolated unnamed Middle Eastern village where Muslims and Christians coexist in peace. When word spreads that a civil war is engulfing the surrounding country, the people instantly forget about their common bonds and prepare for war. The once peaceful village is slowly drawn into violence, but village women - sick and tired of losing their husbands and sons to senseless warfare - band together to