intelligence officers

May 22, 2012

A woman opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by dead bodies. She has no idea what happened. What’s just as, if not more, frightening and disorienting is that she has no idea who she is. The only information she has to go on comes from two letters she finds in her pocket, letters that begin “Dear You” and that seem to have been written by herself.

Slowly, Myfanwy Thomas learns who she is and what she does. It turns out that there’s a whole supernatural world that exists alongside the “normal” world. Myfanwy works for a secret organization in England that keeps tabs on this other world and

Sep 11, 2010

The Mark of the Assassin by Daniel SilvaHaving read all of Daniel Silva's "Gabriel Allon" books I decided to go back to his earlier works. The Mark of the Assassin is similar to his later stories in that it deals with intelligence agents and rogue/evil/shadowy individuals and organizations. The pacing is fast and the story adventurous and thrilling. I was pleasantly surprised to find several characters who also appear in the "Gabriel Allon" series. Although the main protagonist is different, the world of The Mark of the Assassin is clearly the same one Gabriel inhabits. I look forward to reading "The Marching Season", the sequel to