human nature

Ask Again, Yes

By Mary Beth Keane

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Sep 25, 2019

Attempting to understand the human experience, and dealing with the aftermath of tragedy is something to which all people can relate. Mary Beth Keane’s novel Ask Again, Yes explores this phenomenon through the Gleeson and Stanhope families- neighbors in a suburb of New York City. The reader is introduced to the parents of both families at the beginning of the novel, and walks through life with their youngest children, Kate Gleeson and Peter Stanhope. We see the way various characters react to experiences with marriage, mental health, love, betrayal, and forgiveness. I found myself struggling

Here Burns My Candle

By Liz Curtis Higgs

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Apr 27, 2015

Lady Elisabeth Kerr, a Highlander and sympathetic of the Jacobite cause, has not hidden her support of Prince Charles and his rebel army.  Now her husband, Lord Donald Kerr, has decided the cause is a worthy one and he and his brother have both decided to back the prince.  Lady Elisabeth’s widowed mother-in-law, Lady Marjory, is not at all excited about her two sons going into battle, but is caught up in the excitement the prince has stirred within their town of Edinburgh.  Lady Marjory makes no secret that she has switched her loyalty and has even financially backed the prince with more than

Jan 22, 2010

Superfreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. DubnerSuperfreakonomics is the follow-up to Freakonomics by the same authors. I found this a lot of fun to read, because they present lots of quirky subjects. The authors present these things as facts, but how can you really be sure? This is their understanding and interpretation of how things work, how things come to be. I generally find economics to be pretty boring, so much so that I avoided taking any classes in the subject throughout high school or college. The authors sneak in some economic terminology and explain some basic concepts. Don’t worry, it’s pretty painless. In this book, you can