human behavior

Ask Again, Yes

By Mary Beth Keane

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Sep 25, 2019

Attempting to understand the human experience, and dealing with the aftermath of tragedy is something to which all people can relate. Mary Beth Keane’s novel Ask Again, Yes explores this phenomenon through the Gleeson and Stanhope families- neighbors in a suburb of New York City. The reader is introduced to the parents of both families at the beginning of the novel, and walks through life with their youngest children, Kate Gleeson and Peter Stanhope. We see the way various characters react to experiences with marriage, mental health, love, betrayal, and forgiveness. I found myself struggling

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road by Neil Peart

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Mar 16, 2010

In a ten-month time span in 1997 and 1998, Neil Peart lost his 19-year-old daughter to a single-car accident and his wife to cancer. He was devastated.

Peart is best-known as the drummer for the Canadian rock band Rush. He's also their lyricist. Yet Ghost Rider, his chronicle of healing from his terrible losses, reveals talents barely hinted at in his music career.

Peart is a wonderful prose writer and a capable stylist. In unpretentious, vivid prose, he recounts the journey that helped his wounded spirit heal: He rode his motorcycle more than 50,000 miles across the North American continent

Jan 22, 2010

Superfreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. DubnerSuperfreakonomics is the follow-up to Freakonomics by the same authors. I found this a lot of fun to read, because they present lots of quirky subjects. The authors present these things as facts, but how can you really be sure? This is their understanding and interpretation of how things work, how things come to be. I generally find economics to be pretty boring, so much so that I avoided taking any classes in the subject throughout high school or college. The authors sneak in some economic terminology and explain some basic concepts. Don’t worry, it’s pretty painless. In this book, you can