Oct 24, 2015

"Once we're born, the only other certainty of life is that one day we and all of our loved ones die." - Beth L. Hewett

I haven't yet needed to write a eulogy, so I can't say what drew me to Hewett's Good Words. Something did, and I was instantly presented with a generous spirit. In The Guide to Using Good Words, Hewett suggests that, if the death of your loved one has been sudden, skip to chapter 3, where you'll find help in drafting a eulogy. She even invites readers to photocopy what they need. In the Introduction, she goes on to explain, "I have come to understand the eulogy's importance

Apr 2, 2010

Master of the Delta by Thomas CookMaster of the DeltaIn the early 1950s, Jack Branch returns to his home town of Lakeland to teach at the the local high school as his father did before him.   The Branchs are the aristocracy of this southern community and Jack has attended some the finest private schools and universities.   The Branchs see teaching  as the "noblesse oblige " to the community that has been the family home for more than a hundred years.  Jack is challenged by his  unmotivated students and attempts to engage them by introducing a course on evil.  He peppers his lectures with examples of horrid deeds from the past