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Jun 20, 2018

We've all heard the phrase, "I'll sleep when I'm dead," but Why We Sleep shines much-needed light on not only the benefits of slumber, but also the dire--and sometimes fatal--consequences of avoiding it.

As with many who have read this book, I first heard Dr. Walker on the wonderful, multi-faceted, Joe Rogan Experience podcast. If Walker's revelatory words in that interview were such to pique my curiosity, his book was enough to make me a determined, devoted acolyte. Why We Sleep contains information on scientific studies, personal experiences, and keen observation on our current society's

Oct 19, 2010

enpoweredpatient1.jpgElizabeth Cohen, author of The Enpowered Patient and CNN’s senior medical correspondent, has written a book which is a must-read for everyone interested in being in control of their own  and their loved ones health care.  Sanjay Gupta, MD and chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical and Wellness Unit at CNN, states that this is “a book no household should be without.”

The book starts out like a thriller as Cohen relates in her introduction the terrifying story of what she went through in the hospital four days after the birth of her third daughter, Shir.  Two days after her birth