Tell The Machine Goodnight

By Katie Williams
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Sep 16, 2019

What if a machine could tell you how to be happy?  What if your results could be manipulated?  What if you had to do something illegal, immoral, or unethical to achieve happiness?  These are a few of the questions posed in the speculative fiction novel Tell the Machine Goodnight, by Katie Williams.  Set in 2035, our protagonist Pearl works for a Facebook or Google-like tech organization, Apricity, whose name means "the warmth of the sun during winter".  Businesses include Apricty readings as a benefit. along with insurance and retirement packages.  Apricity is brought in to help victims of

Mar 29, 2011

In A Complaint Free World Kansas City Pastor Will Bowen describes how his parishioners have changed their lives through the simple act of not complaining. They use bracelets that they slip from wrist to wrist when they catch themselves voicing negative thoughts to remind themselves of the impact of their words.

After describing how the movement began, Bowen’s parishioners provide testimonial of how becoming complaint free has affected their lives. Fans of Byrne’s The Secret will find practical and actionable advice in Complaint Free World.

My only complaint with the book (*Snort*) is that I

Jan 8, 2009

“Normally, I do not associate the words “happiness” and “database,” but this is different”. Thus Eric Weiner begins his journey with a visit to The World Database of Happiness in the Netherlands. Upon being told that he may not like what he finds, Weiner admits that “while we may not be able to differentiate fine shades of happiness among countries, surely we can say that some countries are happier than others.” And he proceeds with his research.

In each place he visits Weiner makes an effort to meet political or spiritual leaders, average citizens, and often times Americans living abroad.